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American Fidelity Mortgage Services Inc is celebrating our 35th year in 2016.  We are a HUD approved FHA Direct Endorsed Lender and not a broker.  This is not an easily obtained status and there are several requirements.  Our team of professionals is well trained and well versed in all things HECM.

We specialize in Reverse Mortgages!  We have a division of our company dedicated to training, educating and supporting our team members as they work with consumers who are considering a Reverse Mortgage.  

If you contact us for information, we will need to get names and birthdates along with a property address.  At that point, we will put together an educational packet of materials to begin your education.  This will include a customized proposal package, some handbooks and information and recent pertinent newpaper articles about the Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM).  

Once you have reviewed the materials we offer to meet with our clients at their house, our office or other neutral location like McDonald's, Starbucks or even the Frisbie Center in Mount Prospect.(we are a corporate sponsor).  The meeting is only to round out your education, answer your questions and look at some more specific examples of how this might work for you.  We don't bring anything to sign to the consultation because we perfer to educate you and let you decide later if this is something you want to do.  

We are the forth oldest mortgage company in the state of Illinios.  Established in 1984, American Fidelity Mortgage Services, Inc has it's home office in Lisle, IL and this is where our Reverse Division is located.  We are convenient to all major cities in the Chicago Suburbs including Naperville, Wheaton, Aurora, Downers Grove, LaGrange, Homer Glen, Tinley Park.  We are here to be the local provider of a product you may have seen on TV but prefer to work face to face with a qualified specialist.  

American Fidelity Mortgage Services, Inc is a HUD Approved FHA Endorsed lender and this is a special designation.  We are also a direct lender of Reverse Mortgages.  We are active members of the National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association and are an A+ rated affiliate of the BBB.

"This material is not from HUD or FHA and has not been approved by HUD or a government agency."

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